Jul 18 2008

Roxy’s Return!

I received a little note about Roxy Wasserman’s next appearance on the Middleman!

Elaine Hendrix will be reprising her role as Roxy in Episode #7 which airs July 28th!

The title of the episode is: The Cursed Tuba Contingency

And the basic plot outline of the episode is that a cursed tuba with a deadly power must be destroyed before it can harm innocent civilians…

Looking forward to seeing Elaine as Roxy again!



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  1. BFslave

    I guess cursed bagpipes would’ve been a little too obvious. 😉

    Here’s hoping they make her more Succubish (is that the word?) 😈

  2. James

    And I’ll be travelling again. Pooh!! 😛

  3. TeraS

    I’m going to tape it and review it again of course….



  4. FreezeFrame

    I believe the episode will be totally “tubalur”!!!


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