Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 24 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 4


And first month of the Succubi Index has ended… The closing pricing as of Friday, May 24th… The current index price is: 38.15…  Week #3 index price was: 39.44… A new high for the index so far… Week #2 index price was: 38.89… Week #1 index price was: $39.39… The opening index price was $30.51… So …

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May 23 2008

Still Sick…

<in bed> Tera

May 22 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 22

Scott Lewis Devil Girl

  This is an image by Scott Lewis for this week’s image of the week….   Sorry for the quick posting but I am sick in bed at the moment and might not be back on for a couple of days….   <huggles for all>   Tera

May 21 2008

Succubi Season Finale for Reaper…


So… They finally managed to get to having a Succubus appear on the TV series Reaper… The official description of the episode is: #1-18 “Cancun” Air Date: Tuesday, May 20 at 9PM on The CW Written By: Michele Fazeka, Tara Butters & Tom Spezialy Directed By: Stephen Cragg TONY AND THE DEMONS SET A TRAP …

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May 20 2008

It’s Monday cleverly disguised as Tuesday…

So it is officially the beginning of another week for me today… Didn’t really get enough sleep over the weekend nor did I manage to get all of the things done I wanted to… But that will happen given time… In the world of Succubi news… I suppose that the big thing that is happening …

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May 19 2008

Unknown Succubus Game Image…

Unknown Succubus Game Image

At least it is to me… Any ideas would be appreciated!   Tera

May 18 2008

Moods n stuffs…


I came across a cute little plug in for the Tale that would add a little “mood” icon in the sidebar and have been playing with that this morning trying to get it to work right…   It’s in the right sidebar and looks like this: Of course the first mood I used would have …

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