May 11 2008

A poem for Mother’s Day…

Here it is Mother’s Day,

And here I am once again.


Trying to find the words,

To fill in the gaps.


Your hair,

Your eyes.


Your touch,

Your smile.


The sound of your voice,

The music of your laughter.


The letters you wrote,

The dreams you gave.


I miss you Mom.

Your Daughter,




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  1. FreezeFrame

    Just huggles and twines…

  2. James

    Hope you had a great day . . .

  3. BFslave

    That was beautiful, Tera. Thank you for sharing with us.

    *kisses softly and cuddles close*

  4. FZY1

    I wish I was as lucky as you, milady.

  5. TeraS

    *just hugs you tighttight*


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