Apr 30 2008

You know a Succubus is female right?

Get your terms straight please!


Tom Cruise… Is a Succubus???



Honestly it is getting ridiculous…

Call him an Incubus if you want to fine… After all that is the correct term isn’t it?

Once more for those that haven’t gotten it yet…

Succubus = Female

Incubus = Male

It’s not that hard to understand is it?

If it is let me know and I’ll demonstrate with a pitchforking you won’t soon forget!



  1. BFslave

    Tom Cruise is NOT a Succubus. A raving lunatic, however……..

    *winks and huggles*

  2. James

    I would wager that some of this has to do with persistent questions in the media about Mr. Cruise’s own sexuality. I agree that he doesn’t rise to the level of any sort of -cubus, however.

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