Feb 13 2008

Short note about the weather…


That is all.



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  1. Callidus

    Can’t you just like, scare the snow away with your red-hot-hell-fire? Has Succubus Industries ever looked into a self-heating snow shovel, magically enhanced with the aforementioned hell-fire?

    “Billy Mays here for for the last snow shov-hell you’ll ever buy! Unleash the forces of hell on your driveway and find out how much of a chance the snowball really has”.

    I’m telling you, Billy freakin’ Mays.

  2. TeraS

    *Can’t stop laughing*


  3. James

    I can’t see much, but I can see you didn’t get your tail cozy!

  4. James

    (furiously knitting, while, contemplating the ethics of using enchanted yarn)

  5. TeraS

    *ticklepoinks with my tail*



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