Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 17 2008

Succubi Image of the Week IV

Cute Anime Succubus

Just a really cute image of a Succubi… I have no detail on the artist or where it was found, if anyone has some information, please share? <huggles> Tera

Jan 16 2008

You stupid, stupid woman…

That’s all I am going to say about this story… Bonham Carter loves breastfeeding as her boobs gets a purpose January 16th, 2008 – 4:42 pm Washington, Jan 16 (ANI): Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that she enjoys breastfeeding her new baby daughter because her boobs gets a purpose. The Sweeney Todd star, who gave …

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Jan 15 2008

Icey Slippery Tuesday…

You know that old saying about hell freezing over? I wonder if that applies to the morning I have had… 4 hours driving to work this morning and something like 12 accidents on the way too… Next time the train for sure… Hope your day is a nice one! Tera

Jan 14 2008

Yet another dumb movie…

mmmk… For the record… I reeeeeeally hate the majority… OK… All of the movies that have been released about Succubi… Every single one has the woman playing the role turn into a blood thirsty killer that rips the heart out of a person and either eats it or something else… Honestly… Or the other thing …

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Jan 13 2008

Book Review – Nightshadows

Interesting book review… Might be worth considering…   Courtesy of the Washington Times Book Review      Tera   _________________________________________         NIGHTSHADOWS By William F. Nolan Darkwood Press, $17.99, 303 pages REVIEWED BY JAMES E. PERSON JR. Best known as the author of the futuristic fantasy “Logan’s Run” (1967) and a celebrated …

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Jan 12 2008

Comparing Succubi to Aliens…

Odd idea isn’t it? This is the complete text of an article from a scientific meeting that was looking into past myths and legends and comparing them with current themes….  Tera  ————  The New Paranatural Paradigm:Special APS Session Examines PseudoscienceThe biggest physics meeting of the year featured a broad range of assessments from CSICOP panelists of pseudoscience …

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Jan 11 2008

My Dearest Devil Princess

My Devil Princess DVD

You read that right… Actually that is the title of a Anime DVD release that I just discovered… Here’s the DVD box cover… What’s interesing to me and my hubby, and we are going to get this series despite the review here, is this paragrah from the review…  A box that grants three wishes is …

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