Dec 26 2007

Day after Christmas Oddity…

Something I randomly found searching on Google for Succubus Christmas…
How this links I have no idea, but it is a Succubi… Actually it’s an anime drawing of one… Animated so that you see the steps in it’s creation…
Speed Drawing Succubi 
Oh! And if anyone can figure out a way to save that image I would be grateful…
Hope your Boxing Day is fun!


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  1. BFslave

    She’s adorable, Mistress.


  2. Morbid Serenity

    Saved it for you. If you go to http://www.morbidserenity.com/art then navigate into the folder called “Not Mine” it’s in there.

  3. TeraS

    Thank you!!!


  4. Morbid Serenity

    np. Happy new year. 😛

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